Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant is the brainchild of a group of friends who wanted to showcase the Chinese culture, tradition and cuisine. During their weekly tea gatherings, they would discuss how much they missed the sumptuous dishes, which they enjoyed back home. In late 2006, their talks led the group to come up with a concept for a grand restaurant that would showcase traditional and modern Chinese cuisine. In the beginning, their plan was to establish a typical Chinese restaurant that was comparable to other restaurants in the country. However, encouraged by the strong outlook of the tourism industry in the country, they decided to build a grander and more exquisite restaurant which would offer a dining experience that is unparalleled on this side of the world. They also wanted this convenient and satisfying dining destination to be big enough for a multitude of people to converge in and share fond memories.


  • Ground floor Main dining – 500 pax

  • Ground Floor VIP Rooms – 10 Function Room

  • 2nd floor Banquet Hall – 1,200 pax

  • 3rd floor VIP Rooms – 7 Function Room

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They say that the best way for a business to thrive is by hiring the best available talent. The restaurant understood the need to hire quality people and prioritized acquiring the services of well-skilled and accomplished professionals. Golden Bay Restaurant is proud of its experienced, world-class staff.


Knowing the importance of a large parking space to a restaurant, Golden Bay management decided to acquire a sizeable piece of property. The restaurant’s parking area can accommodate roughly 500 cars with free parking access making it an ideal place to stage big events, such as weddings and parties.